Notes on Rocky Mountain Flash Camp (10/12/10)

These are some notes on the recently held Flash Camp in Denver that I attended. I’ve included links to slides where I have them and the recordings that were made of each session (apparently the first 3 sessions had some audio issues).

First off was RJ Owenof Effective UI on the Flex 4 Component Lifecycle (slides,recording) who covered the classic elastic racetrack (for some reason I always want to say electric racetrack), the birth, life and death of components and where the “skin” aspects of Flex 4 come into play. He also covered some performance considerations (such as constructors are not JIT compiled and therefore not optimized so should be as small as possible).

Next up Paul Trani of Adobe covered a Flash CS5 deep dive (recording) going through some of the things you can do with the tool. It was an entertaining session with more of a designer emphasis.

Kevin Hoyt, also of Adobe went next on the Flash Player for Flex Developers (recording). Unfortunately, Kevin’s blog seems to be unavailable while I’m writing this but you should find him at probably after Adobe MAX is finished. This talk was one I’d seen Kevin give before going through a simple app to gather weather data written purely in Flash starting with the stage and using Sprite as the base object for the display components. The end result was a Flash program of ~ 3k compared to a Flex program (using framework libs) of ~100k. This time I remembered to ask him if there were any lightweight Flash frameworks I could look at rather than re-inventing everything myself. His suggestions were AS3CoreLib and MinimalComps.

James Ward (Adobe) talked about Mobile Flash and Flex Development (recording). His session covered the “Tour de Flex” mobile app for Android he’s currently working on using Flex Hero beta. It’s not generally available yet but you can find his code on github.

David Hassoun of RealEyes Media talked about Video on the Flash Platform (recording) which demoed some of the features of the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF)

Jun Heider also of RealEyes Media covered “cool things you can do with Flash Player P2P” (slides and source,recording). I had vaguely heard of Adobe Stratus (now Cirrus) but that was about it so it was interesting to see some examples of how it could be used.

Last but not least was Juan Bonfante of Roundarch talking on Advanced skinning and layout with Flex 4 (code,recording).

RMAUG did a great job putting on this camp and if you’re in the Denver area on November 9th, you should check out their “Mini MAX” event (details on the website).


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