FLARM and Dependency Injection

I’ve been taking a look at the latest FLAR Manager code with a view to implementing the histogram bias generation for adaptive thresholding I’ve written about previously. Now Eric’s separated out the threshold algorithm, that’s been made easier to achieve without worrying about future changes to the code base.

Eric’s implemented a nice dependency injection method where you declare the class name of the algorithm you plan to use in the config XML and the manager uses flash.utils.getDefinitionByName() to create it. As long as you implement the interface class, everything should work.

The one downside is that you need to define an object of the class you intend to use somewhere in the manager or the class won’t get included in the swf and you’ll get a runtime error when you try and create it.

It would be nice if you could remove any knowledge of the threshold class implementations from the manager source and just use configuration.

I knew Spring would need to do something like this which lead me to this. I decided to try implementing the resource bundle solution.

Here’s what I did:

  • create a locale/en_US folder in my project
  • create a classreferences.properties file in that folder
  • put the following lines in that .properties file:

Class1 = ClassReference("com.transmote.flar.utils.threshold.DrunkWalkThresholdAdapter") Class2 = ClassReference("com.transmote.flar.utils.threshold.HistogramThresholdAdapter") Class3 = ClassReference("com.transmote.flar.utils.threshold.DrunkWalkHistoThresholdAdapter") Class4 = ClassReference("com.transmote.flar.utils.threshold.IntegralImageThresholdAdapter")
(basically all the threshold adapters)

  • add -source-path locale/{locale} to my compiler additional options (locale defaults to en_US)
  • add the following to FLARManager.as at the Class level:
  • [ResourceBundle("classreferences")]
    private var _classReferences:ResourceBundle;

and now I can swap in whatever adapter I want in the xml config and it gets picked up. I like this solution because it keeps the FLARManager ignorant of the various adapters that are available – as long as you update the resource file, it’ll work – no need to include the adapter classes or create dummy variables for each of them.

The downside is, you’re creating a bigger swf file as you’re including classes you won’t use and you have to do more initial setup.

I’ll post the histogram based class I came up with next.


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