Using FlashDevelop

I’ve started using FlashDevelop since my Flex Builder trial ran out and so far, I like what I see. Here’s a basic intro on how to set it up.

First you’ll need to download it from the FlashDevelop site. Next you’ll need a copy of the Flex SDK if you haven’t already got one, you can find it here

Once you have FlashDevelop installed, you’ll need to tell it where to find your SDK

From the menu bar, select tools, Program Settings… and then click on the AS3Context from the Plugins on the left. You should see something like the image below


Note the “Flex SDK location” at the bottom – type in the path to your SDK there and you’re ready to start

You can start a new project from the Start Page or from Project,New Project… on the menu bar. Select “Flex 3 Project” from the list of templates and give it a name and root directory

The Project View on the right will now show your project structure. You can click on src to see the default Main.mxml and double click on that to see it in the editor. You should see something like this


Note the bin directory where your swf will end up after compilation and the lib directory for adding swc files like that used for Google Maps.

If you want to include library files, add them to the lib directory, right click on the file and click on “Add to Library” you should then see check mark by it. Once you’ve done that, you can click on “Options…” below that to decide how it’s included.

Once you’re done, select “Build Project” from the project menu or use the little gear looking thing from the toolbar. Just over from that, you can select debug or release build.

The output window will show you the results of the build command and once you have a successful build, you’ll have a swf file in your bin directory and an index.html which will run it from a web page. If you click on the “+” next to the swf, it will expand and show you classes and symbols that got compiled in. Here’s one I made earlier

swf expanded

Double click the swf and it will run in your flash player.

There are several other plugins available for FlashDevelop – ones I’m interested in are for building swc files and connecting with Java remote services. I haven’t installed them yet but I’ll write up what I find out.


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